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Outpatient Rehab Centers in Aurora, CO

It's best to learn about the local Aurora drug rehab facilities, drug and alcohol addiction, and even anonymous drug treatment clinics before selecting a specific rehabilitation center. You should make sure that you select the drug treatment center that is the most effective match for the requirements of the individual and their loved ones.

If you go a day without using a certain drug, are there withdrawal symptoms? If so, you may have an addiction.

There are several common components of the outpatient rehab process including:

  • Medically supervised detox when appropriate
  • Inclusion in 12 Step recovery or similar group
  • Regular drug screening

Outpatient Rehab Centers Listings

Road Called STRATE
10245 East Colfax Avenue, Aurora, CO 80010.
Road Called STRATE Phone Number303-520-5118 1026.1 mile
Empowerment Program
1475 North Lima Street, Aurora, CO 80010.
Empowerment Program Phone Number(303) 367-4747 1026.1 mile
Our Inheritance LLC
1532 Galena Street, Aurora, CO 80010.
Our Inheritance LLC Phone Number303-537-4114 1026.1 mile
Jireh Counseling Center
1532 Galena Street, Aurora, CO 80010.
Jireh Counseling Center Phone Number303-366-8424 1026.1 mile
Independence House East Side
590 Havana Street, Aurora, CO 80010.
Independence House East Side Phone Number720-858-8477 1026.1 mile
Aurora Mental Health Center
1390 Chambers, Aurora, CO 80011.
Aurora Mental Health Center Phone Number303-617-2424 1028.31 mile
Chrysalis Counseling
14201 East 4th Avenue, Aurora, CO 80011.
Chrysalis Counseling Phone Number303-360-0900 1028.31 mile
A Community Re Entry Place
14221 East 4th Avenue, Aurora, CO 80011.
A Community Re Entry Place Phone Number303-995-6243 1028.31 mile
Parker Froyd and Associates
14231 East 4th Avenue, Aurora, CO 80011.
Parker Froyd and Associates Phone Number303-363-1053 1028.31 mile
Key to Life Counseling
14231 East 4th Avenue, Aurora, CO 80011.
Key to Life Counseling Phone Number(303) 856-3485 1028.31 mile
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